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BlueAshes is a Danish Colombian pop rock Band formed by
Shila Mariposa Zuniga (Denmark) and Alexis Zuniga (Colombia). The band’s name came from putting together Shila’s cat name (Ashes) , a cat with blue eyes plus Shila’s blue eyes. This way BlueAshes was born on a Sunday acoustic jam in Weston Florida. The Band sings in English and Danish.
Blue Ashes has already 6 original songs everywhere on digital platforms. The band resides in Nashville TN.

BlueAshes's music shows Shila’s vocal skills and the aggressive guitar style of Alexis.
Both of them had extensive success in their respective countries,
composed and recorded radio hits and performed and toured with
their own projects at big venues. Now , together the experience has
its own flavor: Music with a lot of personality from both worlds.
The Band is now recording the rest of the songs for the next upcoming
CD for 2019: Wine and fairy tales. “We have so much music inside that is so easy to
make new songs and hard to decide what not to choose for the
album”, Shila said.

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